Mobile Flare Gas Capture Solutions &
Modular Gas Processing Plants

Pioneer Energy Opportunity Questionnaire

Thank you for expressing interest in the Pioneer Energy Solution. For us to better understand and evaluate your needs please complete the form below. All information and data received is kept confidential.


We encourage you to submit your information directly to our database by using the online form below, but you may also download a editable pdf document to fill out and email to instead.

Technical background:

Please provide information about your experience in oil and gas service operations:

Please provide a general description of the project.:

Describe your Current Business:

Gas composition data in mol % including all constituents (including H2S, CO2, or other species if present):

Available pressure (i.e. at the inlet to our machine):

Available gas flow in MCFD (1,000s of standard cubic feet per day):


What is the electric power demand on site? How it is being met?

If by electric grid, what is the price of electricity?

If there is no grid, what alternative fuel is being used to generate the required power, and what is its price?

What other potential nearby markets are there for the electricity or dry gas produced on-site?

Do you have transportation available and a market for NGLs? If so, what is the price per liter?

We have a distillery product that can separate the mixed NGLs to LPG and condensate. If you are interested in our distillery product please provide information regarding the market and price for the LPG & condensate (hexane, pentane, etc).

How do you plan to use the dry gas product? Can it be used on site, or would it need to be transported to another location? If the latter, over what distance?

What schedule do you need to meet?