Mobile Flare Gas Capture Solutions &
Modular Gas Processing Plants


Pioneer Energy offers customized services to complement our products in order to aid oil & gas producers worldwide in solving their gas processing challenges.

Our seasoned field and control teams provide a seamless turn-key operation for domestic oil producers and expert technical assistance for international clients.

Let us provide an evaluation of your project.

Domestic Services

Pioneer Energy provides a turn-key and hassle-free gas processing service for domestic producers, enabling monetization of their associated gas and tank battery vapors, providing gas conditioning services, and addressing their flaring reduction goals.

We help our clients meet regulatory requirements, keeping oil flowing and improving the bottom line. The products produced by the Flarecatcher, Vaporcatcher, and Dew Point Suppression Systems produce additional revenue for the producer while also decreasing their costs of operation.

Flarecatcher - Associated Gas Capture & Monetization Services

Flarecatcher systems process associated gas streams of a wide range of energy content. The high-quality, de-ethanized NGL produced by the Flarecatcher is a valuable commodity and we can assist in marketing this product if desired. The pipeline quality lean dry gas produced by the Flarecatcher has high methane number and can power on-site loads, significantly reducing operating costs by reducing reliance on imported diesel fuel or propane. For sites with limited on-site power needs, Pioneer Energy can also provide a complete CNG or LNG solution to fully monetize the gas and eliminate the flare.

Vaporcatcher - Tank Battery Vapor Capture & Monetization Services, Gas Conditioning Services

Pioneer Energy can provide a turn key solution for oil tank battery vapor capture, and gas conditioning. Applications include monetization of otherwise flared vapors, emissions reduction, gas cooling and conditioning prior to injection into a gathering system, and fuel gas conditioning for compressors and other engine driven equipment. 

Pioneer Energy’s turn-key associated gas processing and tank battery vapor capture services include:

• Site and project evaluation
• Pioneer equipment predicted performance analysis
• Site layout design
• Equipment mobilization, installation, and setup
• Ongoing operations
• Ongoing maintenance of Pioneer Energy equipment
• NGL and dry gas marketing

Flarecatcher Units Deployed to a Customer's Location in the Denver-Julesburg Basin in Colorado

Flarecatcher Associated Gas Service Flyer

Vaporcatcher Tank Vapor Service Flyer

The Vaporcatcher captures and monetizes low pressure vapors from oil tank batteries.

Our engineering and support teams ensure Pioneer Energy solutions will fit customers' precise needs, while performing at peak levels with high uptime. 

International Sales & Services

We provide fully integrated, customized, and modular gas processing plants that optimize economic return from waste gas, turning it into clean, dry gas for power generation, LPG for cooking, and commercial propane and condensate for industrial use.

Pioneer Energy provides international customers with custom designed and built associated gas and tank battery vapor capture and processing solutions tailored to the unique conditions of their particular site and optimized for maximum return on investment. In addition to state-of-the-art FlarecatcherTM  and VaporcatcherTM technologies, we also offer fractionation systems to allow producers to generate commercial propane, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and natural gas condensate to serve their local market. Depending upon the particular needs of our customers, we can add power generation as well as CNG or LNG solutions. On-site installation and training as well as ongoing remote operations, monitoring and technical support can also be provided.

International services offered include:

• Site and project evaluation
• Pioneer equipment predicted performance analysis
• Plant design and configuration, including on-site pressurized storage equipment
• Site layout design
• Training of customers’ operations & maintenance staff
• Installation & commissioning of Pioneer Energy equipment at the customer’s field site
• On-going technical and operations support
• Financing Assistance

We can assist international customers in obtaining project financing.

NGL Supply Service

Pioneer Energy is currently working with producers in the Denver-Julesburg Basin in Colorado and the Bakken Basin in North Dakota, and has NGLs available that are produced from our clients’ sites. We’re always looking for better uses of this high-quality, energy-rich liquid product. Our NGLs are perfect for use in heating applications including for frac water heating, crop drying, and other industrial uses.

Explore the potential for Pioneer Energy to supply NGLs to meet your needs.

CNG Supply

Many of the producers with whom we are working have little or no on-site power needs, meaning there is no local consumer for the dry methane streams our Flarecatcher units produce. Pioneer Energy has equipment available to convert this methane to CNG and transport this CNG to local gas consumers. We are currently seeking CNG consumers in Colorado and North Dakota. This is an opportunity not only to realize cost savings versus traditional CNG sources, but also to help the environment by obtaining this gas that would otherwise have to be flared.

Explore the potential for Pioneer Energy to supply CNG to meet your needs.